AmeriScript, Inc., a member of The Chandler Group of Companies, is an independently owned and operated national pharmacy network. Founded in 1986, AmeriScript offers quality prescription drug service to self-funded employers - regardless of an organization’s size. Cardholders have access to more than 40,000 pharmacy locations including independent pharmacies and nationally recognized chains.

Our client base consists of the following types of organizations:
• Third Party Administrators
• Insurance Companies
• Corporations
• Taft-Hartley Funds
• Health & Welfare Funds
• School Districts
• Multiple Employer Groups
• Self-Insured Employers

Service Area
AmeriScript began contracting efforts in northeast Ohio and has evolved on a national basis. AmeriScript has contracted with over 40,000 independently owned and nationally recognized chains. Some of our participating pharmacies include:
•Rite Aid
•Giant Eagle
•The Medicine Shoppe

Administrative Fee
AmeriScript charges on an all-inclusive per paid prescription basis thus eliminating hidden add-on costs to a plan.

Claims Processing
Pharmacy Data Management (PDM) located in Boardman, Ohio performs all on-line processing. PDM’s state of the art system performs over 75 claim audits including drug utilization review (DUR) edits. This is one very important component in the overall plan management to control cost.

AmeriScript’s Pharmacy and Therapeutic’s (P&T;) committee periodically reviews current and new medications for appropriateness and effectiveness to determine status as a “preferred” medication. A properly managed formulary is another important component in the overall plan management to control cost.

Pharmacy Directories
On-line directories are available. Simply visit www.ameriscript.com and select “Provider Directory” to obtain the most current provider information.

Internet Pharmacy
Members can order prescriptions on-line allowing the highest level of convenience, privacy and cost control.

Mail Service
A convenient mail order program provides even greater savings for long-term maintenance medications with the convenience of home delivery.

Reporting Capabilities
AmeriScript’s advanced on-line capabilities are an integral service enhancement providing immediate access to eligibility information, claims adjudication, formulary, drug utilization review and disease-state management. Quarterly cost-savings reports and pharmacy updates provide employers with valuable information. Additional reporting options assist employers in tracking the effectiveness of the program. A sampling of these reports include:
•Claims itemization
•Drug utilization
•Claims summary
•Cardholder utilization review
•Provider utilization
•Cardholder audit
•Claims cost analysis
•Cardholder drug profile
•Rejected claims
•Pharmacy utilization
•Incurred claims
•Pharmacy Audit
•Generic utilization
•Cardholder/physician profile
•Physician utilization

Customer Service
Our staff can be reached by calling 800.681.6912 between 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

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